Our surroundings create a strong pull on our emotions and senses. Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in today’s healthcare environments where, studies show, the right setting has the power to lower stress and increase rates of healing.

At Selser Schaefer Architects, we have a legacy of creating award-winning wellness centers and clinics that help patients feel comfortable – and enable providers to focus on what really matters. We consider features like daylighting, outdoor views, easy way finding and privacy. Moreover, we collaborate with your team to get technical details right, including material flow, lighting, lab and imaging efficiencies, and more. We place the utmost importance on providing caregivers what they need so they can continue to give their best.

Healthcare is constantly evolving, and so do our solutions for creating environments that support the vital work of our healthcare clients.

Denver Health Center

Medical Care Associates of Tulsa selected Selser Schaefer Architects to design a freestanding primary care clinic in Tulsa for several physicians. The clinic’s site is on the edge of a mixed-use neighborhood established in the 1920s. We created a design […]

Morton Comprehensive Health | Tulsa, Oklahoma

Morton Comprehensive Health

Since 1921, Morton Comprehensive Health Center has earned a reputation of service to the North Tulsa community and to Tulsa’s economically disadvantaged population. The design of its new facility pays tribute to the organization’s legacy of care and compassion. The […]

North Regional Health & Wellness Center

Tulsa Health Department and a team of community partners are working together to improve healthcare accessibility and services to the people of North Tulsa. In keeping with THD’s vision of pursuing a healthier community, the Wellness Center provides a full […]

Morton Comprehensive Health | Tulsa, Oklahoma
Jack Brown Group Home 4

Jack Brown Center

Situated within the remnants of an old farmstead, Jack Brown is nestled in the hillside, surrounded by beautiful meadows. It is a peaceful community focused on improving the lives of Native American adolescents overcoming substance abuse. The design takes full […]

Southwest Health Center

Form, function, energy and economy inspired the design of this primary-care ambulatory clinic in Jenks, Oklahoma. Its rural site featured a grove of pecan trees and was surrounded by small houses. In keeping with this setting, Selser Schaefer Architects designed […]