“The natural light changes the mood of the children — with bright halls making you happier.”

- Colby Torres Teacher
Will Rogers Elementary

Will Rogers Elementary

stillwater public schools

Stillwater Public Schools wanted to replace Will Rogers Elementary with more than a new building. The district sought a true community school that would bring students, teachers, families and the Stillwater community together, even after the school bell rang.

The process of creating program requirements and design concepts involved every instructor, administrator and staff member. By listening carefully to those needs, every space in the building design is honed to work as perfectly as possible — right down to where the teacher sits in each classroom.

Shading devices projecting from the south side of the building create texture, while the colorful skin of the building draws attention of those driving by. The building also offers generous amounts of controlled daylighting and exceptional indoor air quality conditioned by an energy-efficient geothermal system.

But what makes Will Rogers a resource for the community is its many gathering spaces. In addition to its classrooms, cafeteria and student commons area, the school offers a community activity center, multipurpose gymnasium, outdoor instruction gardens and sports fields — all designed to draw people together and bring a sense of belonging to the surrounding area.