The new school is a healthy and safe environment for the neighborhood and the children who live there.

Westwood Elementary

Stillwater Public Schools

Recognized as a 2018 National Blue Ribbon School and home to the district teacher of the year, Westwood celebrated another accomplishment with the opening of its brand new community school.

Since 1950, Westwood has been an integral part of its neighborhood. Understanding its importance, the District chose to locate the new school adjacent to its current location. The new two-story 93,000 SF school is home to 600 energetic neighborhood kids. 

The context of “neighborhood” was articulated in the residential forms as well as the choice of materials. These design decisions helped create a school that is responsive to and respectful of place. Large old trees were preserved to provide shade for outdoor learning and play areas. And the clock tower, which identifies the main entrance, includes an eagle weather vane. Go Eagles!