“As a student who attended Sangre Ridge in 1980 and now the principal, I am excited the architects have found a way to incorporate the open concept model of 1980 into the academic needs of 2018.”

- Ryan Blake Sangre Ridge Principal, Stillwater Public Schools

Sangre Ridge Elementary

Stillwater Public Schools

Sangre Ridge was built in 1980 with the idea of fostering collaboration. The original school was designed with classrooms that opened to a central communal space. As the form of this much-anticipated renovation was discussed, the community was once again at its center. 

Conversations with teachers, administrators, parents, and members of the neighborhood identified the needs and desires for the growing student population. 

A new vestibule will provide a safe, secure entry while redesigned administrative offices will provide collaborative space.

An addition will house a multipurpose gymnasium, rock climbing wall, as well as a stage for musical performances and school assemblies — all to showcase the talents of the mighty Ridge Runners! The addition was designed to be secured separately in order to give the community after-hours access.

The cafeteria and media center will be relocated and redesigned to better accommodate current student needs.

Open space between the new and existing will become a wonderful courtyard. A space to play and ponder — where the youngest students can ride their trikes or expand their curiosity through reading.