“We needed and wanted something transformative. Selser Schaefer listened to us, dared to be different, and gave us something we had not dreamed of. What a great metamorphosis for the Student Center! This is what we were looking for when we selected them as the Architect.”

- Kent J. Smith, Jr. Ph.D. / President, Langston University

Langston University Student Success Center

From the very first meeting with the Langston University team, it’s been said that Selser Schaefer Architects was hired for this project because we listen. We heard their ideas, concerns, and vision for the future then we gave them a fully transformed space design that was even more than they dared dream. Now we are midway through the renovation of a newly imagined Student Success Center that includes lounge, study, and dining areas, a cafeteria and kitchen, an e-gaming center, and an overall student experience that offers up a place for gathering, community, and school spirit.

Like many renovations of older buildings, Langston’s space has not been without its challenges and “surprises.” Thanks to our diligent analysis and construction administration, we’ve been able to meet each one with solutions that don’t derail the timeline or budget.

At the end of the day, the Langston Student Success Center renovation project is really about relationships. The collaboration established between Selser Schaefer Architects and Langston early on led to an aspirational design that exceeded the client’s expectations. The leadership of our Construction Administrator and strong communication with trusted consultants has allowed the construction team to stay nimble and flexible in the face of supply chain issues and facility problem-solving. All of which is resulting in a successful project that is progressing as planned and is sure to achieve Langston’s vision for the future.