Junior High

Stillwater Public Schools

After an extensive a district-wide analysis, the addition and renovation of the Junior High was a top priority for the district. Built in 1981, the Junior High is home to 8th and 9th graders.

Over the years a detached practice gymnasium and portable classrooms were added to accommodate growth. As a result there are security concerns associated with students moving between buildings throughout the school day. Phase One will accommodate this growth. The first priorities include a Classroom addition; renovation to the multipurpose Cafeteria, as well as expansion of the Performing Arts area. Together, these projects will add much needed learning envioronments while improving the function of the existing interior spaces.

While space needs were certainly at the forefront of design and planning, administrators and faculty expressed the desire to to update the overall exterior appearance. These additions pave the way for a new architectural vocabulary that will be applied to the existing facade and all future projects.