Childers Middle School

Broken Arrow Public Schools

Years of steady growth and the need to provide quality, safe and secure educational facilities led to the renovation and expansion of Childers Middle School. The expansion is pure in form with a material pallet similar in tone and texture to the existing building. The entry is defined by a steel canopy and supported by a beam that reaches across the site, visually connecting the existing building with the Orchestra expansion. The underlying volume offers an invitation into the school and provides a space for students to congregate after school.

At the heart of the project is a memorial dedicated to Lieutenant Colonel Ernest Childers. The school’s collection of memorabilia was placed in a museum-quality display showcasing Childers’ life within a space sensitive to his Muscogee Creek heritage.

The layout of the Memorial was derived from the Creek Square Grounds, the physical and spiritual centers of their communities. A two-tone tile floor pattern was developed to symbolize the path of the stomp dance. The space functions as both an educational tool and homage to a significant figure in the history of the Broken Arrow community.