Inside Spaces

A great deal of planning goes into interior textures, surfaces, finishes and colors. But there’s so much more that makes an inside space a positive experience – things like acoustics, indoor air quality, daylighting, flow and furnishings. Of course, we consider the relationship between the interior space and the exterior of the building. We believe the two are inseparable. Our registered interior designers have a deep understanding of the furnishings industry to guide you on scale, availability, and durability. We design to your budget and show you where to put your dollars for the greatest impact.

Communication is key when it comes to creating inside spaces that evoke feelings. Throughout our process, we’ll help you visualize your options and outcomes so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and how it will meet your goals.

Student Success Center

Recruiting and retaining top-level science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) students is serious business at any university. To heighten the challenge, OSU’s College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology lacked a dedicated facility to not only impress prospective students and their parents, […]

CAMPStreet 5

CAMPStreet nr.101

CAMPStreet, a prime upscale adaptive reuse urban loft, is located within the thriving CAMPStreet arts community just outside of downtown San Antonio. The historic 1926 Duerler Candy Factory, which was re-purposed for residential use, also features the Linda Pace Foundation […]

John Mabee Hall

While the interiors and building systems desperately needed an upgrade, this 1946 era men’s residence hall at TU presented loads of potential for attracting college students. Nearly every inch of the building interior required refreshing of materials and finishes, however, two […]

CAMPStreet 5

Carnegie-Stout Public Library

Carnegie-Stout desired a space for all ages to gather, create, invent and learn. A do-it-yourself as well as mentor-led environment designed to host a variety of activities including 3-D printing, audio|visual production, jewelry making and sewing. Our collaborative design process […]